About Me

About Me

I have been experimenting with digital music since the mid 1980's when I used the Atari St along with Notator.   

For those interested in technology history the Atari was built with an internal midi port and became the music system of choice through the early 90's.  

Notator was one of the leading DAWs that Apple purchased in 2002 and evolved that product into the GarageBand and Logic Pro programs that are used by millions.

I was part of the team at Zenith Data Systems that worked with Microsoft to help develop and create the multmedia standards for the PC industry.

I consider myself a technology enthusiast  and a musician.   The combination of both is my passion.   

My Goals

Because of the availability, simplicity and low cost of music apps and products the number of potential music creators has reached millions of people.

I suspect many of you are like me and have a lot of aspirations in music and would benefit from collaboration with others

The goal of this site is for all of us to be both teachers and students and as a result have more fun and be more creative and  more productive.

The Opportunity

I am also a businessman and hope that by following my passion and working collaboratively we can find ways to monetize our efforts by selliing and/or licensing work.